People that earned a lot from youtube

Remember when it was actually really hard to get famous? You would have to make a great band, write great songs, tour around the country and build a name for yourself, get lucky and have a record label notice you, and only then, just maybe, millions of people around the world would know your name and face. Or you would have dreams of moving to Hollywood, working as a waitress for years and going to thousands of auditions, and one day, maybe, a studio exec will notice your talents and sign you to a movie deal, making you an instantly recognizable entity.

Today, it seems like all you have to do is put up a Youtube video of yourself. Believe it or not, there are people out there who have made a career out of Youtube videos, and people who earn six digit paychecks from banner-ad income along on their Youtube channels. Who knows how much more they earn from sponsored videos, and all of the other things that come from the popularity of their Youtube creations.

If you haven’t noticed by now, there is serious money to be made on the Internet. Every year you’ll heard about other types of people making a killing online, whether it is rap music bloggers, app developers, content writers, or people who develop Myspace skins, there is always a great deal of money to be made online if you have an angle and an idea.

And it really is not a mystery. When you see that someone is making money on the Internet, 90 percent of the time this means one simple thing – they are bringing a lot of traffic to their sites. When there are a lot of people checking out your site on a daily basis, this makes your site attractive to advertisers, who are always looking for a new popular site to post their banners on.

And these people that have millions and millions of hits on their Youtube channels are getting boatloads of traffic every day, and the ad revenues just keep piling up for them. So no matter what you think of putting up on Youtube, whether it’s make up tips, workout pointers, guitar lessons, you dancing like an idiot, or you playing with your dog – if you find a way to make it interesting to a large amount of people, you will be making money.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, just like running any successful business, making a living from Youtube videos is hard work as well. These people have to dedicate every waking hour to their Youtube channels, recording editing, releasing and then promoting new videos every week. It takes a while to become a name on Youtube and no of these people have gone viral by accident, they all put a lot of thought and work into their creations and how they market them. The people who are making the most money off of Youtube videos annually are people who have been in the game for a while – people who have been building themselves a loyal following for many years.

Even if you have some good content and a steady amount of viewers, will you ever reach the level of Youtube fame where you will be able to quite your job and live off the Youtube money? Probably not. But with dedication, good content, creativity and good self-promotion, it has been proven over the last several years that Youtube can become a great source of extra income for many people if they do it right, and there is definitely money to be made there.

Let’s take a look at the top ten list of people who have earned the most money through Youtube over the last year.

Shane Dawson

The undisputed champion of Youtube moneymaking is without a doubt Shane Dawson. His sketch comedy and parody videos have a total of over 430 million views and through banner-ads alone, he made $315,000 last year. You’ve probably seen his comedy videos that feature recurring characters such as need the nerd and Aunt Hilda. He also does funny impressions of celebrities like Paris Hilton and Sarah Palin. He often uses his recurring characters to spoof popular television shows, movies and music videos. He has even added a second Youtube channel now, which is the tenth most subscribed channel on the entire site already, making him the only person to have two channels in the top 30.



Dane Boedigheimer

Dane had almost 350 million views last year and earned an income of $288,000 from ads. He is the author of a comedy series on Youtube called The Annoying Orange, which he began airing on youtube in October 2009. His Annoying orange channel is the ninth ranked channel according to subscribers and the he is in the top 40 for most views of all time. The Annoying Orange has over 1.8 million subsribers and his numbers just keep growing. Dane will soon be trying to parlay the Youtube fame into television, since he has announced that an Annoying Orange television series is currently in the making.

In the popular series, Dane takes the shape of an orange that other likes to poke fun of and heckle other fruits or various other objects with clever quips and jokes. He lives on the kitchen counter and his best friend is a Pear, who also finds Orange to be irritating, despite the fact that they are good buddies. By superimposing his eyes and mouth onto the Orange, Dane becomes the character, and it just goes to show how far creativity and a good sense of humor can take you on the Internet.

Phillip DeFranco

Phillip DeFranco is what the industry refers to as a video blogger. He has become an Internet celebrity through his videos that usually discuss all type of current events, ranging from politics to celebrity gossip. He basically blogs about these things in a humorous and clever way, lacing his commentaries with sarcasm and irony. His videos received almost 250 million views last year and he made $181,000 out of it, with 1.5 million people subsribed to his channel and advertisers knocking on his door daily. He has been working on his Youtube channel since 2006. After cancelling his Phillip DeFranco Show in April 2010 due to a contract he made regarding advertising for the show that had run and therfore complicated the further creative process, he made a new show called NSFW, which stands for Not Safe For Work,“ which is pretty much the exact same thing as his last show, but it just goes to show that he is someone who is quick on his feet and knows how to make moves that will allow him to maintain his worth on the Youtube market and even expand his show to a wider audience. After sorting out the legal issues, he has reverted back to the original name. Thanks to his success on Youtube, he has been contracted by other companies to make videos for them as well, translating the Youtube money into real world money with easy.

Ryan Higa

Higa and his friend Sean Fujiyoshi own a channel called Nigahiga, though since he moved to Las Vegas for school, Higa has mostly been working as a solo act. The duo of Japanese-American friends were first noticed for their comedy videos, the first of which were basically them making goofy videos of them lip-synching to popular songs while they were still in high school. They strayed from that format quickly though, and began making sketch comedy videos which featured some of their local friends from high school who were collectively known as the Yabo Crew. Higa probably has more subscribed viewers than any of the other big moneymakers on Youtube, with more than 3.6 million people currently subscribed to the channel.


Lucas Cruikshank

This Youtube entertainer specializes in making videos that are fun and enjoyable for younger people, mainly younger teenagers and kids. The character that his videos follow is called Fred Figglehorn, a make-believe six year old from a broken home who has serious problems with anger management.

He set up the Fred channel in 2008 and in one year he had already gained a million subscribers. His channel was actually the first one ever on Youtube to reach that plateau. He had over 200 million views last year and scored $146,000 from advertising. He also made moves outside of Youtube, filming Fred the movie, which was aired on the children’s television channel Nickelodeon. The sequel is currently in production as well and the popularity of the Fred character looks to be picking up steam and finding new fans every single year.

Shay Carl

Shay Carl is another big-name Youtube sketch comedian who had over 192 million views in 2010 and earned $140,000. His funny videos often include his family members and he has even started a second channel that is actually catching up in popularity to his first one.



This is a comedy duo that is made up of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. The two started posting funny videos on Youtube in 2005 and currently have 2.4 million subscribers to their channel. The channel had 154 million views in 2010 and they made $130,000 from advertisers. They have lots of funny skits, but also have video blogs that are quite popular, in which they rant about random events and ideas unscripted. They also have another popular channel that is called AskCharlie which is dedicated to one of the most popular characters they have created called Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig. Charlie is asked questions by dedicated viewers and he answers them every single Wednesday.

The two actually started working together with silly lip-synching videos, usually picking to sing to theme songs from popular children’s shows such as Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The video that really broke them was the one in which they were lip-synching to the theme music from the Pokemon show, a clip that received 24.7 million views on its own.

The Young Turks

These Youtube moguls tackle slightly more serious subject matter than most of the other big moneymakers. The Young Turks are a political talk show with a liberal-progressive angle, and they claim to be the first ever Internet television news show. Their channel averages 19 million views every month and they had 153 million views last year, cashing in with about $112,000 from ads. They also make additional money from their website, which offers so-called post-game shows and wrap-ups of the news shows, which people have to pay for in order to see. They have also one many awards, including the 2009 Podcast Award in the Political category and the 2009 Mashable Open Web Award for the Best Political News Site. The team also works with Brave World Films now, and the talent from the Young Turks is featured in their ads and appearing in things that the company produces.

Natalia Tran

You might know Tran by the name of her channel, Community Channel, where she posts her popular video blogs, or vlogs as they say in the industry. She resides in Australia and holds the record of the having the most subscribed users of anyone in Australia. She is also number seven on the worldwide list, so she is not just a local phenomenon. She has more than 920,000 subscribers and had 138 million views in 2010, earning $101,000. She has also gone beyond the Internet in Australia and has appeared in many television programs and written for various prestigious magazines and newspapers in the country.

Her videos are usually monologues interrupted by skits that she acts out on her own. They are usually humorous and find Tran poking fun of herself a lot of the time. She deals with everyday social commentary and doesn’t get to serious, which makes her appeal all the more global and instantly recognizable.