Successful People Who Didn’t Go to College

So much emphasis it put these days on going to college and finishing school. Your parents are always nagging you to keep your grades up and to get into the best possible college, because they believe that this will determine the amount of success you will have as an adult. While there is a definite correlation between success and education, it is not an absolute truth that you will go nowhere in life without a college diploma. College is an important tool and it is a place where you will not only learn about things that you will need in your career, but also learn about yourself as a person. However, you don’t need to have a college diploma to pursue your dreams and you do not need to go to school in order to have a great idea and realize it.

Remember, despite what your parents say about not having a future without going to college, it is not always true. As long as you have a goal and are willing to strive to reach that goal and achieve it, you can do a lot of in life. There are many people out there who have proven that they can be very successful without finishing college, you probably even know a few of them personally. But if you really want to show your parents some success stories of people who have no college diplomas, here is a nice list of incredibly wealth and successful celebrities and moguls that have managed to achieve all of their dreams with a university diploma.

Bill Gates

When you think of successful people, Bill Gates just might be the first name that pops into your head. Granted, he did go to Harvard, but he dropped out. Gates dropped out of school and managed to convince one of the largest computer companies in the world that he had just developed the new BASIC language, when in fact he had not even started writing it. We all know that Gates would eventually become one of the richest and most powerful men in the world once his Microsoft company took off and became the staple platform for a large percentage of home computers around the world. Gates has recently shifted his attention away from his company and instead of earning more money, he is focusing on giving it away. He and his wife run one of the world’s leading humanitarian foundations and charities and work on getting other millionaires and millionaires to chip in and raise money for important social causes around the world. However, this college dropout will always be known for his unparalleled success in the computer world and for completely revolutionizing the entire industry.

Steve Jobs

Probably the second most important man in the computer technologies world next to Gates, Jobs finished only one semester at school before dropping out because of financial problems and an inability to pay his tuition. He is famously known for leaving the Apple company and then returning like the prodigal sun in the 1990s as Apple was facing ruin and was on the verge of collapsing. Jobs turned the company into what it is today – a computer industries company that is associated with being the most cutting edge, professional and innovative firm in the world. Do you know anyone who doesn’t own an iPod or iPhone? Case and point. Apple today is one of the most easily recognized brands globally and is a powerhouse in its industry to say the very least.

James Cameron

One of the most successful film directors of our time switched majors twice in college before dropping out, when he realized that his true passion was film and there was nothing else in this world that he would rather do. It attended college first as a physics major and then switched to English. After dropping out, he went on to because one of the most successful film directors of the last half century and his films have grossed more than the films of any other director. He claims the two highest grossing films of the modern era under his belt. While you can still see the influence from science in his movies that can be a reflection of his early physics major, Cameron turned that love of science into a love for science fiction related movie themes that have become staples of this generation and some of the most beloved movies of our time.

Mark Zuckerberg

You have probably all seen The Social Network, so you probably all know that Zuckerberg, just like Gates, dropped out of the prestigious Harvard University to pursue a personal vision. This lead him to becoming the youngest billionaire ever at age 26. He gave up on school to follow hisvision of creating the ultimate social networking site on the Internet and today Facebook remains one of the most visited website on the Internet, with billions of members checking it out on a daily basis. He is a perfect example of trusting your instinct and following a dream to completion and he will remain influential for a very long time with many of the future projects he already plans on working on.

Russell Simmons

Simmons is the original hip-hop mogul, he is the person that people like P Diddy and Jay Z learned from. He dropped out of City College inNewYork at the age of 20 in order to be a producer because he knew that hip-hop music would change the culture forever, and he knew, more importantly, that there was money to be made and that he needed to be a part of it. He co-founded Def Jam, the most influential hip-hop record company of all time and later went on to be a true mogul – dappling in everything from television shows to fashion, obviously, everything having some type of link with hip-hop culture. Even though he is now the fourth richest man in hip-hop and some of his protégés have outdone him financially, he still remains the originator and the person that made hip-hop into the commercially viable and successful music that he knew it could become when he first began making his plans in the early 1980s.